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Panasonic Toyota Racing has unveiled its 2006 F1 car, the TF106, over three months before the season-opening race in Bahrain. Team Tech Director Mike Gascoyne feels that early testing of the TF106, which starts tomorrow in Barcelona, will give the team a big advantage ahead of the holiday season.

The new car has been under development since the end of 2004, according to Gascoyne. The front end is an evolution of the TF105B that ran the closing two races of the 2005 season, while the rear of the car is all-new, featuring Toyota's new RVX-06 V8. The V8 has accumulated over 2,000 km of track testing since March.

Tomorrow's test will mark the debut of Bridgestone tires on the Toyota, so the new cars will be in full 2006 race configuration.

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Toyota TF106 F1 2006 450 pr photo
Toyota TF106 F1 2006 450 pr photo

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