Remember those pics of an all Mercedes S-Class pile up that we reported on a while ago? The story was that the vehicles' Brake Assist PLUS systems failed during a demo for a German television station. The result should've been a PR nightmare for Mercedes Benz, which has remained steadfastly quiet on the embarrassing event.

eMercedesBenz is reporting via Autobild that Mercedes Benz had warned Michael Spect, a journalist covering the story, that the building's metal structure would interfere with the Brake Assist PLUS systems. Spect decided to go ahead with the demonstration and brake the cars manually to simulate the system's effect. Mercedes people on hand allowed it and boards were placed in the path of the cars to indicate at what point the drivers should brake, but apparently the S-Class suspension is so supple the drivers never felt the boards and proceeded to plow into one another.

What's the result of all this deception? One fired journalist, a bunch of nervous Mercedes Benz employees who allowed the test to be simulated and a somewhat vindicated piece of brake assist technology, although we still wouldn't trust the Brake Assist PLUS system inside a metal hall filled with fog.

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