Ladies and gentleman, close your eyes and imagine the car you see pictured here has the words "Five-Hundred" emblazoned on its rear. Unfortunately, it doesn't. This vehicle's dynamic design carries styling cues from Ford's gorgeous Iosis concept, but it's nothing more than an illustration of what the next Mondeo might look like that we plucked from the internet.

Ford is currently determining the specifics of its own turn around plan that the company will introduce in the wake of GM?s announced plan last week. We think rather than cluttering up a press conference with depressing news of job cuts and plant closings that Ford should announce a renewed investment in its own products, particularly its sedans.

A strong commitment to product worked wonders for the Fusion that?s competing at the top level of its segment, and a redesigned Five-Hundred with Iosis-inspired styling and the new 250-hp 3.5L V6 would give Ford two top contenders. All the Blue Oval would need then to offer a class-leading sedan in every category is a redesigned Focus riding on the corporate C1 platform.

Alas, if wishing made it so?

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