November 16 of this year marked the day a century ago that Dr. Alfred Buchi received the first patent for an exhaust gas turbocharger. Porsche will be celebrating the turbo's 100-year anniversary a little late when it introduces the next 911 Turbo sometime next year with Variable Turbine Geometry. This technology allows the angle of the compressor's turbine blades to continually adjust. While some diesel engines have enjoyed this technology since the Nineties, the higher exhaust gas temperatures created by gasoline engines necessitated the creation of new heat-resistant materials to handle the hotness. Porsche and Borg Warner Turbo Systems were able to overcome the heat issue and have developed a VTG turbo system that will be incorporated into the next 911 Turbo. The VTG turbo will allow Porsche's flat-six to mimic a twin-turbo setup with a much broader torque curve and more flexible powerband than a standard single turbo could provide on its own. Power ratings for the new VTG turbo engine haven't been released and probably won't be until the new 911 Turbo surfaces sometime next year.

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