The Detroit Free Press reports that Delphi released a study Friday that shows the combined wage and benefits package for its unionized workers amounts to $76 an hour, double what its competitors pay.
The compensation breaks down like this: a wage of $26.97 an hour for a first-year employee, $28.66 an hour for benefits such as health care and vacation days, and $22.63 an hour in "legacy costs," which include retirement health-care costs. Delphi says competing companies pay their workers $22.60 an hour - $13.98 base wage, $7.85 in benefits and 77 cents in legacy costs.

Of course, Delphi has no-one to blame but its own management, who brilliantly negotiated the deals that the company now considers unacceptable.

Delphi is poised to file a motion with the bankruptcy court December 16 asking to eliminate the company's union contracts and to allow it to arbitrarily impose a new pay structure.

As the Delphi bankruptcy evolves, you can follow Delphi's side of the story at its "reorganization' website.

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