I have been patiently waiting for pics to pop up on the 'net of this customized San Francisco 49ers Cadillac Escalade, and I have to say I'm disappointed. The highlight of this truck's mod list includes a chameleon paint job inspired by the team's colors and relatively puny 20-inch aftermarket rims. Besides the overabundance of 49ers badging on the vehicle, there's nothing new to be seen here. The Escalade, which is the grand prize for the "49ers Kick to Drive" contest, was done up by Canyon Motors Limited, the same shop responsible for the MINI Ice Cream truck we featured a while back. While the MINI was a unique, one-of-a-kind custom, the 49ers Escalade looks like it was bought on eBay Motors and ran over with a paint gun full of Gold and Red.

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[Source: GM and WorldCarFans]

49ers Cadillac Escalade49ers Cadillac Escalade49ers Cadillac Escalade49ers Cadillac Escalade

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