That's right, grab your wallet and head over to the mall, because it's the biggest shopping day of the year. While we'll have an in-depth look at products to get for the car buffs in your life (or for yourself, obviously) a little later on, we wanted to take the opportunity today to give you some ideas for the car widows in your life. You know, your wife, husband, significant other, partner, family — whoever has to share you with your obsessive love of anything and everything related to automobiles. And you'll probably want to get them something car-related anyway, so here's your answer.

The AJ Prindle catalog is the buyers guide for the non-enthusiast — things for those who drive cars, spend a lot of time in cars, and don't really care about them but want to be safe and entertained. Among the gifts available are the following;

The Garmin i5 is a GPS unit on the cheap. At under $500, step-by-step directions and street detail give the user all the benefits of GPS without the hefty price tag.

For those interested in safety, the Emergency Hammer can break open windows and cut the seatbelts in the event of an emergency.

The folks at AJ Prindle also offer a Portable Power Pack, a portable battery pack which can do everything from jumpstart your car while you stay inside the vehicle to power laptops and cell phones.

You can even find things for pets, including a massive emergency first-aid kit especially for sporting dogs, and a heating pad that plugs into the lighter outlet to keep your pet toasty.

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[via the Telematics Journal]

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