While detuning the Subaru Impreza WRX's 230-hp, 2.5L boxer engine seems like sacrilege to most gearheads around the globe, if you happen to live in Thailand the move is a blessing in disguise. Apparently in Thailand the tax on a vehicle is increased from 35 percent (yikes!) to 50 percent (YIKES!) if a vehicle's engine is larger than 3,000cc or produces more than 220 hp. Subaru announced the Thai-spec Impreza this week at the Thailand International Motor Expo and revealed the detuned motor would make 220-hp on the nose. While many other automakers offer detuned models for the Thai market, some refuse to budge. Mitsubishi, for instance, refuses to detune the EVO for Thai folks, despite the fact that a robust aftermarket awaits a new owner who wants to pump his/her vehicle back up to original specs.
[Thanks Joel for the tip]

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