OK, back in the '90s when I spent a lot of time raging against the machine, the use of any commercially-released music in an ad was a clear indicator of "selling out." That forced marketing types to commission dorky jingles, which sucked but at least didn't run any risk of ruining one's favorite song through endless repetition (that's what FM radio was for).

 Despite the fact that I've now become used to hearing snippets of classic AOR hits and indie rock in car ads after it was decided that Aerosmith's "Dream On" is the perfect song for a milquetoast midsize sedan, I still hold a few songs to be sacred. That's why, upon hearing that Ford is using the theme song from Peanuts in its Keep It Simple ads, I starting thinking that the dude who torched the Hummer new-car lot might have been on to something. Let me state this clearly - I would rather listen to Toby Keith brag about how he's a "Ford truck man" for eight hours straight than see "Linus and Lucy" reduced to a song that has me turning the channel.

If Bill O'Reilly is sincerely concerned with saving Christmas from evil-doers, maybe he can start here.

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