The Aussie's have debated amongst themselves and emerged with a list of their best vehicles for 2005 in various categories. The annual awards are judged by editors of the country's biggest motoring clubs and insurers, and are promoted to over 6.3 million potential vehicle shoppers. So they're kind of a big deal down there. The surprise winner was Mitsubishi's new 380 that beat out the BF Ford Falcon and VZ Holden Commodore for the Best Large Car award. Here's the full list of winners.
Best Small car: Hyundai Getz (1.6-litre, $14,490)
Best Mid-size car under $28k: Ford Focus CL (2.0-litre, $20,990)
Best Mid-size car over $28k: Honda Accord Euro (2.4-litre, $35,500)
Best Large car: Mitsubishi 380 (3.8-litre, $35,990)
Best People Mover: Honda Odyssey Luxury (2.4-litre, $45,290)
Best Sports car under $57k: Volkswagen Golf GTI (2.0-litre turbo, $39,990)
Best Sports car over $57k: Mercedes-Benz CLK 350 Coupe (3.5 litre, $118,600)
Best Luxury car under $57k: Subaru Liberty 3.0R (3.0-litre, $50,990)
Best Luxury car over $57k: Audi A6 3.0 TDi Quattro (3.0-litre turbodiesel, $97,900)
Best Recreational 4WD: Ford SX Territory Ghia AWD (4.0-litre, $53,950)
Best Luxury 4WD: Lexus RX330 Sports (3.3-litre, $73,200)
Best All-Terrain 4WD: Land Rover Discovery 3 (2.7-litre turbodiesel, $73,650)

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