We have to give mad props to Autoblog reader Ebm14 who found this article on a Japanese website about the next Toyota Camry, complete with deets on the cars dimensions and powertrain, as well as what appear to be official pics. If Google Translate can be trusted, we know the next Camry's smoother sheetmetal will achieve a Cd value of .28, and while the Camry's length will not change at 189.2 inches, the wheelbase has been extended 2.1 inches to 109.2 inches. The base engine will be a revised version of the current sedan's 2.4L four-cylinder that's up to 167 hp from the current North American version's 154 hp. The article makes no mention of a larger V6 offering.

The Camry recently passed the 10,000,000 unit sales mark and the sedan is good for a solid 400,000+ units/year in North America. The official unveiling of the new model isn't expected until sometime in early 2006, so these pics are a treat. Hopefully we're not violating an international trust by posting one of them, but who could resist? Follow the Read link to the translated version of the original article to see the rest of the pics, of which there are many, and good luck deciphering Google's hatchet job. If there are any actual Japanese speaking humans out there who read Autoblog, I think we'd all appreciate a clue on what's being said.

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