News that GM will show a Camaro concept at the upcoming Detroit show isn't, well, news; however, if indeed it's riding on a stretched Kappa chassis, that would indeed qualify as a bit of a surprise. When Bob Lutz recently hinted that a growth spurt wasn't in the platform's future, that naturally led many (or at least myself) to assume that any future GM ponycar would ride on a derivative of the it's-off-no-it's-on-again Zeta platform (which itself is more a set of components and geometry, rather than a thoroughly developed chassis). The Kappa plant is currently far underutilized with only the Solstice and Sky volumes, and Mallett is showing everyone that there's plenty of room for a proper V8 in a Kappa, which establishes the first and basically only "universal" requirement for such a vehicle. It'll be interesting to see where all of this goes.

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