We're a close knit group of bloggers here at Weblogs, Inc., so when a new site launches we like to spread the word. Today is the official launch of Joystiq's XBOX 360 Fanboy blog, and we here at Autoblog would like to welcome the fanboys (and girls) to the fold. Obviously many of us are into gaming as much as autos, especially when they overlap with games like Gran Turismo and Forza. The new crew has already proved its mettle after an all-weekend marathon review of the new XBOX 360 on Joystiq. Their coverage of the new console rivals our coverage of SEMA, which, by the way, now has a category devoted to it (better late than never).

Check out XBOX 360 Fanboy if you're jonesing for the new console and your local Walmart done sold out.

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