PPG Industries has news for us on the color front. Silver will still be the most popular, but will morph as hues like blue and green are washed in. Dark Brown is on its way back in a big way (royal grey MINI anyone?), and reds will have a number of rich color variations, borrowed from the worlds of architecture and interior design.
This isn't exactly a public service announcement, of course, as PPG is one of the leading paint manufacturers out there and is trying to sell some. Judging from the information coming out of Troy, Mich., the company has got some cool stuff their sales guys are pitching to automakers right now, including silver metallic paint with flecks of silver glass, red metallic with flecks of red coated aluminum and new variations of color-shift paint. Pictured is the BMW Z4 Coupe, which is coated in a silver matte paint — an example of one more interesting idea in the coatings world.

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