I used to really love listening to Coast-to-Coast AM with Art Bell. I have one thing to say: Mel's Hole. If you're an Art Bell fan you know what I'm talking about. After George took over the show it just wasn't the same. Sadly, Art isn't on SIRIUS satellite radio. But if he was, I could listen to him in my new Mercedes… at least as long as the dealer would let me before he figured out I can't afford a new Mercedes.

More to the point, SIRIUS satellite radio will be offered as a standard feature on some Mercedes-Benz models. Mercedes will offer SIRIUS as a standard feature beginning on 2007 model year SL-Class, AMG, CL-Class and 600. This means SIRIUS will be installed on approximately 50% of Mercedes-Benz vehicles over the next two years, which represents approximately 250,000 units. The SIRIUS satellite radio is already optional equipment on Mercedes brand vehicles.

I wonder how Mel is doing these days?

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