The Weblogs, Inc. network features over 100 independent, unfiltered bloggers producing over 1,000 blog posts a week across over 75 industry-leading blogs. Each week we ask our bloggers to choose their top posts, which we bring to you in one easy-to-read weekly post. You'll find links to the hottest posts from the past week after the jump including a contest to pick a name for our Design Blog, how to sell your Mac, and a little Jolie voodoo. Enjoy!

The Design blog?s DC wants you to rename the Design blog (and win a prize!), thinks the 2008 Olympic mascots are out to get us, and points you to New York?s finest? Subway Art.

divesterDivester?s Willy Volk explains why a South African cop was attacked by a ragged tooth shark, what happens in China when a diver is bitten by a shark, and - on a lighter note - reviews Key West?s Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society Museum.

hdbeatHDBeat?s Richard Lawler celebrates HDTV CableCard support for Windows Media Center, Matt Burns has a new HDTV buyers guide, just in time for that new Xbox 360, and Kevin C. Tofel wants you to win the new Logitech Harmony 360 Universal Remote.

tuawTUAW?s Damien Barrett tells you how to sell a used Mac, David Chartier asks what you?d like to see done differently in Safari, and the majority percentage of the TUAW bloggers gathered this weekend in New York for a silly meet the bloggers video podcast.

bbhubBBHub?s Russell Shaw scoops the Blogosphere on reporting that the much-anticipated debut of the Cingular BlackBerry 8700c is going to be delayed a bit, writes about the eBay BlackBerry auction that was pulled at the last minute when it got too pricey and dicey, and tells you about a product you can use to read your Google Mail on your BlackBerry.

slashfoodSlashfood?s Sarah J. Gim shows us an East-Indian-style Thanksgiving dinner, Andrew Barrow finds out what the wine bloggers are up to, and Nick Vagnoni wonders who gets the last bite and why.

luxistLuxist?s Deidre Woollard checks out a California island for sale for under $3 million. Plus, your iPod may not last for ever but your iPod dock can, Jordan Running discovers the stone solution. And, the guns are fake and there?s no ejector seat anymore but Deidre Woollard still thinks the James Bond car is pretty cool.

dvguruDVGuru?s Zadi Diaz explores the art of making fake blood for your next movie, Mike Burgoyne takes a look at Avid?s free editing software, and Randall Bennett asks the question, what is your favorite media player?

blogging babyBlogging Baby?s Melissa Summers wonders whether or not to paint her son?s room eye-splitting yellow, Jay Allen wonders, ?is public schooling a form of social indoctrination - and homeschooling, the cure?? and Sarah Gilbert wonders how PC schools can go in seasonifying holidays, and whether seasons themselves will be the next to go.

tvsquadTVSquad?s Karina Longworth asks: ?Would you pay a subscription fee to keep Arrested Development in production?? Plus, Kim Voynar breaks the news to Harry Potter fans: Emma Watson isn?t in love with Dan Radcliffe and Joel Keller asks whether Lorne Michaels should start cleaning house with SNL.


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