San Francisco TV station KRON 4 has a video that rates as a must-see for all you alternative fuel, performance car types. The video clip features a recent drag race at Infineon Raceway between the all-electric Wrightspeed X-1, a Ferrari 360 and a Porsche Carrera GT.

The minimalist X-1 is the product of Wrightspeed, Inc., Ian Wright's Silicon Valley startup "using clean technology to make very energy efficient cars that are also very fast." The X-1 prototype is a U.K.-built Ariel Atom (pictured), modified to use an electric power system from AC Propulsion instead of the Ariel's Honda iVTEC 4-cylinder powerplant.

While the X-1's performance is nowhere near the dino-fueled Atom's (0-100 mph in 6.86 seconds!), it was more than enough to leave the supercars in its dust.

[thanks for the tip, Vincent!]

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