Cue cheesy family adventure movie music.
The Mudds have officially made their flat-screen monitor debut, starring in the first two episodes of DaimlerChrysler's, um, interesting campaign for the Jeep Commander. We meet the Mudds as they're packing for a trip.

Enter stereotypical WASP family, complete with quiet science nerd Victoria, young "I wanna be just like my dad" Clay (haha, Clay), dramatic teenager ("Mom, did you pack my cell phone charger?") Summer, Brock and Tracy Mudd. Stereotypcial except that they're inexplicably covered in mud, hopping into a pristinely clean Jeep Commander. The second episode brings us up to speed on the fact that we're following them on a geocaching trip.

I originally had some hope for this campaign, but reader comments on the last Mudds post might just be right.

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