"The Phaeton was not only the answer to the question that absolutely no one was asking, it was a rolling testament to just how far one person's dominance at the top of a company - if it's the wrong person - can have a devastating effect for years to come."
Peter DeLorenzo's Rant this week takes on Volkswagen and chronicles the fall of "Piech's Folly," former VW chariman Ferdinand Piech's grand scheme to move Volkswagen upscale and take on luxury manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes. (Um, isn't Audi facing enough challenges in taking them on?)

DeLorenzo's criticism of Piech's tenure runs the gamut, from the Phaeton to quality issues and delayed model redesigns to the runaway executive. An interesting read, particularly for disillusioned Volkswagen fans. Will anyone miss the Phaeton, we wonder?

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