Dodge is doing a horrible job being sly about its upcoming 2007 Caliber. How many times have we posted in the past six months about camo'd Calibers being caught in the wild? More than a few, I assure you. This time, however, the covering is at a bare min and this vehicle must be a pre-pro prototype that's close to production ready. We're still very interested in the Caliber because we suspect it will shake up the small car market if it's priced right. It's got many things going for it including a platform sourced from the next gen Mitsubishi Lancer, a new family of World Engines as well as a diesel, and finally more space and utility than most small car owners know what to do with.
We think a target price range of $16K to $23K (not including the SRT model) would make the Caliber high on many shopping lists. What's the new Caliber worth to you?

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