Autoblog reader Joel A. sent us this link to an article in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel in response to our coverage of Nissan's move to Tennessee. The article highlights the power of low-cost, low-tax and business friendly states in the Southeastern U.S., and how Nissan's stamp of approval turns a common stereotype on its ear: southeastern states are no longer lacking in the educational and cultural resources necessary to be home to top execs as well as manufacturing employees.
The article raises a very important and scary point (at least for states like California) — companies like Nissan are looking at every detail in their quest to cut costs. Now that southeastern states are becoming competitive with the Californias of the world in terms of education and resources, is this the beginning of a shift in economic power from sophisticated states like California and states in the Eastern U.S. to cheaper, still competitive states like those in the Southeastern U.S.?

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