This just in via TCC Confidential — Paris Hilton has officially entered the "garage" genre of reality television. While the guys at West Coast Customs are turning charity cases into beauties and the likes of Chip Foose is employing pure talent and hard-earned experience to create hot classics, little-known Beverly Hills Choppers is hoping a single $250,000 publicity stunt will put them on the map. They've actually designed a bike fit for the Paparazzi Queen herself, Ms. Paris Hilton.
The bike has a whopping 6 hp, 2 cylinders and maximum speed of 70 mph — in one forward gear. I think in most circles they call that a gas-powered scooter. I suppose it eliminates the need to teach her how to shift, and she doesn't want to go so fast she'll miss seeing that there's a sale at Barney's, after all.

But wait, there's more. The gas cap evidently doubles as a compact mirror, and the bike is encrusted with 100,000 rhinestones, called Swarovski crystals by those in the know. They're mostly pink, but from the picture it looks like there are white ones that spell out "Paris" on the fuel tank.

We admit, it's a slow news week.

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