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Just in time for the holiday travel season, the folks at Lincoln have published the results of a vehicle owners survey on driving and directions, and no wonder navigation systems are a popular option - nearly 60 percent of U.S. drivers get lost a few times a year.

And yes, women and men get lost differently:

  • women are more likely than men (61 percent vs. 42 percent) to stop and ask for directions when lost

  • 26 percent of men will be lost for a half-hour or more before taking corrective action

  • women are more likely than men to get directions before driving to a new destination

  • men are more likely than women to have a map in the car, and twice as likely to use it when lost

Given our apparent directional cluelessness, it's not surprising that 42 percent of drivers said they would select a GPS navigation system as one of the top 3 features in their next vehicle.

[Source: Ford]

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