It was a wild idea. Design and engineer and uber-sedan with a price tag that starts at $66,700 and a VW badge on the grille. If an article published on the German website Speed Heads and translated by The German Car Blog is true, then the Phaeton's wild ride will be coming to an end in sometime in the 2007 model year. The article states that the reasons for yanking the Phaeton from the Yanks are the high costs for market development and fulfilling US standards. Those are vague reasons and we're forced to trust a translation, but behind those words is undoubtedly the Phaeton's lack of profitability. While press reviews were generally positive for the Phaeton, its close family resemblance with other VW models and inability to stand out in a segment crowded with unique vehicles possessing proven track records and distinct heritages seems to have inevitably led to its departure.
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