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Ah, one has to love the combination of online auctions and the fact that some people feel the need to replace perfectly good (and nearly-new) wheels and tires with something undoubtedly larger and much more gaudy. Only $475 and a road trip to a nearby state and I've got a set of like-new Hummer H2 wheels and 315/70-17 BFG All-Terrains to go on my truck. The same tires from a discount retailer would have been nearly $1000, by the time shipping and mounting/balancing at a local garage are considered. Hint - if you're looking for something similar, have the patience to wait for a set within driving distance, because the shipping costs on this much rubber and aluminum takes a huge bite out of the savings.

More to come next week as I execute my plan to make these things fit on my truck. In the meantime, if those in charge of the weather would hold off on "winter-like conditions" until I replace my old tires, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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