One has to admire the predictability of the article that's linked below - driver of hot-rodded car acts like a jackass and kills someone, writer briefly brushes across the concept of personal responsibility before calling for a ban of "such cartoon vehicles". The really frustrating part of such stories is that, inevitability, there's a glimpse of the real problem - a "wetware" failure of the control unit behind the wheel - and even the acknowledgement that such an accident could happen with a "normal vehicle". Unfortunately, these rational thoughts are mere speed bumps on the path towards suggesting that I shouldn't be allowed to choose my means of transportation just because another member of this planet doesn't understand automotive physics.

Without a doubt, such stories get under my skin because I indeed own the sort of vehicle that Paula Simons doesn?t think should be allowed on the road. Yes, a coordinated effort of my left and right feet can break the tires loose during the 3-4 shift at 95 MPH, and driving on wet roads is more interesting when it?s possible to light the tires up in 5th gear with a tickle of the throttle. But just because someone else can?t figure out the right time and place for the use of such capabilities doesn?t mean that I?m going to unleash the fury of hell every time I hop in my car and leave a series of flattened pedestrians in my wake.

I?ll also acknowledge that such knee-jerk reactions could be largely avoided by impeccably responsible behavior by us enthusiasts, so please, I beg you to find the right outlet for your automotive debauchery. Find a local autocross event, test-and-tune night at the local drag strip, or open-track day, and engage in a contest between horsepower and traction in a controlled setting. Our hobby depends on it.

[Hat tip - the Corvette Blogger]
[CREDIT: John Lucas, The Journal for pic]

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