Anyone who has stopped on a road trip for a 20 oz. Coke knows the annoyance of trying to wedge the bottle between the seat and the console because it won't fit in the cup holder. Taco Bell fans know better than to order a crunchy taco for a mid-commute snack. And that random french fry disappearance? Unless you have a resourceful dog, that thing may not turn up for months.
Car manufacturers feel your pain. The new Ford Fusion, for example, did its best to close up gaps in the back seat to save french fries from harm and provide big cupholders sized to hold the big 20 ouncers. Instrument panels are tested for resilience against sticky soda spills. The Lincoln Zephyr has pop-up compartments strategically located near the instrument panels, convenient for the stashes of dashboard diners. The interesting thing about it is that studies show that eating and driving is less likely to be destructive than changing the radio station.

So what's next? Microwave glove boxes? Console coolers? Like it or not, dashboard dining is here to stay.

Thanks to Joel A for the tip.

[JN - Some VW's now come with air-conditioned glove boxes and center armrests to keep your cold stuff cold.]

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