Remember the Honda Ridgeline Street Sport concept we showed you before the SEMA show began last week? If you go back and read the comments on the post you'll see that reaction to the concept's design was mixed, with some people amazed that Honda could make the Ridgeline look even worse and others admitting that if the design was offered as an option they would seriously consider the truck. We're in the latter camp and believe that designers Charles Baer (exterior) and Kimberly Marte (interior) did a great job turning a confusing design into an exciting one.

Normally we'd say it doesn't matter what we think because this concept isn't going to get built. Turns out Honda was seriously gauging the reaction of SEMA attendees and will be monitoring feedback on the Street Sport concept for a time. Here's you chance to tell the folks at Honda if you really love or hate the Ridgeline Street Sport concept in the comments.

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