First we get hit with news of Mercedes Benz falling at the hands of BMW and now this. The Detroit News is reporting that sales estimates for the remainder of the year have Chevy outselling Ford for the first time in 18 years. To do so would make Chevrolet the No. 1 selling brand in the U.S. market, a title in which Ford has basked for nearly two decades.
Through October both brands have an equal 15.7 percent share of the U.S. market for new cars and light trucks. Chevy has sold 2.26 million units during that time while Ford has sold 2.25 million. Though these figures represent a decline for both companies, beating the other in sales and market share is still considered a significant victory. Soon it may not matter whether the Bow Tie beat the Blue Oval of vice versa, as Toyota's sales in the U.S. have risen again this year by 11 percent to 1.65 million.

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