Hypocrisy can be a humorous thing, especially when it involves former Baywatch beauties. 4Car is reporting that Pamela Anderson wrote a letter to Mercedes Benz requesting the company modify her vehicle to arrive without a leather interior. The letter was released to the press by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Pamela's celebrity cause du jour. 4Car notes that Mercedes had promised to offer a leather-free option for its vehicles in all markets, but at the time Pamela was ready to purchase the option still wasn't available. Here's the kicker – she wants the leather-free interior to be on the inside of a G55 AMG SUV. Chances are she'll create more roadkill with her G-wagon than would've been lost to her bucket seats.
In related news, Toyota has made a leather interior an option for the first time on its 2006 Toyota Prius. Now that's funny.

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