Kia Motors America COO Len Hunt spoke last week at the SEMA show and agreed publicly with former President and CEO of KMA, Peter Butterfield, that Kia needs a halo car to "crystallize" what's it all about. Butterfield was fond of a roadster to fill the role, though Hunt revealed that he wasn't so sure a drop top would be a good fit. Regardless, some type of halo vehicle for the Kia brand is necessary for the company to outgrow its econocar image and become the "sporty" Korean brand. If we were Hunt, we'd push for a rear-wheel drive performance coupe to enter the fray against the Ford Mustang, upcoming Dodge Challenger and as-yet-to-be-determined Camaro replacement. That's right, a Korean muscle car to shock the masses and turn the spotlight on Kia. What would you build if the halo were in your hands?

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