Fabtech GMC <a href=K2500 1 425" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/3060000000052934.JPG?0.2903273438524374" align="middle" border="1" height="317" hspace="0" vspace="4" width="423" />

While there was little presence of the Like A Rock crowd or Professional Grade trucks inside the convention center, we spotted this gorgeous GMC Chevy K2500 outside in Fabtech's display. This truck had an 8" lift that retained the torsion bars but added twin remote-reservoir Dirt Logic dampers, and rode on 37" BFG Mud Terrains and 17" Weld Racing wheels. More pics after the jump…

Fabtech GMC K2500 2 425

Fabtech GMC K2500 4 425

 Fabtech GMC K2500 3 425

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