Duramax H2 1 425

Yea, the SEMA coverage keeps on coming, even though the show closed 3 days ago (hey, print mags won't be running this stuff for another couple of months). Anyways, there was no placard for this vehicle (as was generally the case for anything parked outside, which was about half the show), so we can only pass along what little information was displayed across the hood in chrome-look vinyl lettering. Basically, this is the GM/Isuzu Duramax dropped into a Hummer H2, a combination that's so utterly logical (given the H2's ¾-ton heritage and a reputation for thirstiness) that one continues to wonder why GM isn't offering this combo from the factory. SMA's combination looked - to use a cliché – factory stock. Sorry, but I forgot to poke my head underneath it and see if this conversion uses the stock 4L85E or the more durable Allison 1000. Click through to see what it looked like under the hood.

Duramax H2 3 425Duramax H2 2 425

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