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If we remember correctly Futura had a Scion xA on display at SEMA last year, although it's clean and classy mods looked nothing like this crazy concept. This Scion xA by Futura is in a tuning class of its own and features a custom Futura-designed paint job, 19-inch Boyd Coddington custom wheels and a custom body kit, among other various tid bits of tuning. A quick Google search didn't bring us any closer to determing what Futura is or does, but apparently it has something to do with fashion, a quality with which this xA was not endowed. Just kidding, but at this point, really, it's just another crazy ass car from SEMA.

More pics and full specs after the jump…

Scion xA by Futura Scion xA by Futura Scion xA by Futura Scion xA by Futura

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