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Divester?s Bill Reals squeals about a seal that makes a meal of a scuba diver?s nose, while Erik Olsen finds the irony in the fact that Greenpeace is fined for damaging a reef, and Willy Volk tut-tuts two Belizean dive operators who are banned from guiding dives forever!

luxistLuxist?s Rick Reed asks how much you would pay for a designer sawhorse desk, Jordan Running discovers what may be the most unique place to stay in Berlin, and Deidre Woollard finds a classic Santa Barbara estate.

cinematicalCinematical?s Martha Fischer figures out how Uwe Boll films keep getting paid for, Karina Longworth discovers a catfight between two former James Bonds, and Kim Voynar shepherds the voting on our Halloween Costume contest.

dvguruDV Guru?s Zadi Diaz gives us the heads up on Google?s new video blog, Ajit Anthony talks about his favorite visual organization tool, OmniGraffle, and Randall Bennett discusses NBC?s move to make its nightly newscast available for download.

tvsquadTVSquad?s Bob Sassone mentions some TV shows that are better than their movie counterparts, Annie Wu clues us in on what?s wrong with Saturday Night Live, and sing along with Lacy Hall and her list of the best TV theme song lyrics.

slashfoodSlashfood?s Andrew Barrow checks in with U.K. food bloggers, Sarah Gilbert asks if semi-homemade is really easier than homemade, and Josh Ozersky declares his love for Waffle House hash browns.

gadlingGadling?s Erik Olsen mulls Mammoth?s future, Kelly Amabile introduces us to Earthcomber guides, and Adrienne Wilson is all about Halloween?Hawaiian style.

tuawTUAW?s C.K. Sample, III interviews Andrew Baron of Rocketboom about videoblogging, Dave Caolo wants to know what?s on your iPod (with video), and Damien Barrett wants to know if you backed-up today.

voipfanVOIPFan?s Ted Wallingford says ?Don?t try this at home,? finds the universal access utopia, and wants you to know that, yes, terrorists are using Cybertechniques.

digital photographyThe Digital Photography Weblog finds out the Nikon D200 is finally released and Jay Savage takes a look at early reactions. Andrew Barrow finds the world?s smallest camera sensor and tells you how to print your Flickr pictures at Target.

wireless weblogThe Wireless Weblog?s Michael Sciannamea says the Packers may have overreacted to a ringing cellphone during their press conference and that EarthLink may be the favorite to build Portland,

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