Eric again found no placard for this turbocharged HHR from Canadian-based RSM Racing, but he did find a plaque, which is close enough. The plaque appears given to RSM by General Motors and it thanks the GM-exclusive tuner for demonstrating the personalization possibilities of the HHR.

RSM Racing turbo HHR

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There are many aftermarket companies out there that design and manufacture products for GM applications, but RSM Racing is at the top of the list. Perhaps this official gesture of gratitude from the General means that GM is getting a clue and supporting those companies that have developed for GM applications all this time.

Also, this turbo is extra special because RSM Racing usually employs superchargers. The company may have developed its first turbo kit for this project vehicle that could perhaps find its way onto shelves in the form of a kit for any GM compact with the 2.2L Ecotec engine. Anyone have some insight onto whether RSM Racing?s sold a turbo kit in the past?

RSM Racing turbo HHRRSM Racing turbo HHRRSM Racing turbo HHRRSM Racing turbo HHRRSM Racing turbo HHRRSM Racing turbo HHR

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