You may not recognize the name RJ DeVera, but you know his work. Think back to The Fast and the Furious. Remember the movie's first street race between Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Ja Rule and that other guy playing Gran Turismo in his car at the starting line? That other guy is RJ DeVera. He's a demi-god in the import tuning scene and one of the most unassuming, down-to-earth guys you'll ever meet. Oh yeah, and he knows how to tune sport compacts better than you know how to speak your native tongue.

The DeVera Racing Civic Si features a paint job inspired by the 1966 Honda 273 Formula One car, but below the bonnet is pure high-tech Honda. The Si's powerplant is augmented by a Comptech supercharger, Comptech headers and a Comptech exhaust system. There's also a Comptech short shift kit, Comptech springs and Comptech anti-roll bars. You think Comptech's a sponsor???

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Some other aftermarket companies contributed to the DVR Si as well, including Motegi with 17x8-inch Tracklite wheels, Sparco with its Monza seats and Brembo multi-piston calipers. The car also features a Honda Factory Performance body kit, which means you can build a Civic that looks just like the one that guy from The Fast and the Furious drives!

RJ Devera DVR Civic SiRJ Devera DVR Civic SiRJ Devera DVR Civic SiRJ Devera DVR Civic Si

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