Ford Motor is on Capitol Hill today to promote its advanced technology vehicles as helping to address the country's pressing environmental and energy security problems.
Scott Staley, chief engineer for Hybrid and Fuel Cell Technology Development will brief House and Senate members, as well as the media, on Ford's alternative technologies.

Ford's new director of Ford's Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid Vehicle Programs, Nancy Lee Gioia (pictured with staff above) will be responsible for making new alternative technology products a reality at Ford. Ford's press release quotes her as saying, "Ford has been developing the whole range of alternative technologies for years. Our engineering and scientific staffs both in the United States and Europe possess the depth of talent and knowledge needed to bring advanced vehicles to the country's roads — gained from literally decades of research and testing."

The reference to Ford Europe may be laying the groundwork for bringing that group's clean diesel and diesel hybrid technologies to the U.S. Meanwhile, Gioia will have her hands full growing Ford's hybrid program and supporting its expanding flex-fuel vehicle program, which aims to put 250,000 FFVs on the road in 2006.

Ford is certainly sticking to its guns with its new 'innovation' and 'environment' messages. A clear strategic direction should help the company in its ongoing efforts to retool its business plan for the Americas group. The challenge will be to translate the strategic vision into vehicle sales - quickly.

[Source: Ford]

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