The editors at have picked their Most Significant Vehicle for 2006, and it's the Solstice.
The annual award is given to a vehicle that "significantly changes the rules of a given segment and creates a new niche or redefines an automaker's image." Editor-in-chief Karl Brauer comments, "the Pontiac Solstice has expanded the affordable sports roadster segment with an attractive, innovative package at a truly affordable price."

Hmmm. The Mazda MX-5, nee Miata, created and owns today's affordable sports roadster segment. I think it's great that another automaker is giving Mazda some competition, but "significantly changes the rules"? "Creates a new niche"? We don't quite think so.

Now "redefines an automaker's image" might fit, but is that enough to beat out the other candidates from the class of '06?

We like the Solstice (especially the Mallett version!), I just don't see it as having earth-shaking significance. I'm just saying. What do you think?

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