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We like fast, but really, why is it all about the finish line? Why can't Tony Stewart be awarded style points for "creative" driving, or to Danica Patrick for, uh, creative publicity efforts? For those moments where we'd rather be entertained by creativity than blown away by speed, there's drifting, where competitions are about style and technique, not checkered flags. It's no wonder that the sport is gaining major popularity, to the point that the next The Fast and the Furious movie will be all over that sport.

MOPAR and Dodge were in on drifting before it was cool and they've so far been dominating the sport. Here are some pics of the modified Dodge Charger R/T unveiled today at SEMA, and there are some new and exciting things in the pipeline for Dodge's drifting prospects. A name hasn't been released for the vehicle yet, but Dodge promises a 6.1L SRT8 engine heavily modified to meet the horsepower and torque needs of a drifter.

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drifting charger
drifting charger

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