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Remember Spy Hunter, that top-down racing game where you could lay down an oil slick, blow a smoke screen or throw some flames from your back end to thwart unwanted pursuers? Extreme Dimensions and Scion Racing Driver Christian Rado have created a Widebody tC with a "Secret Agent setup" that lets you recreate your favorite Spy Hunter moments. It comes standard with built-in smoke screen, oil slick and flame throwing capabilities. It also features night vision so the setting sun won't spoil your mayhem. Of course, you probably won't ever use your secret agent toys since this tC produces 500 horsepower with the aid of a T3/T4 turbo. Scion has only provided a sketch so we'll make sure we grab some snaps of this insane car on the floor of the show.

Full mod list after the jump…

[Source: Scion]


500-horsepower, turbocharged
T3/T4 turbo: T3 turbine with T4 compressor
StopTech custom brake kit
19 x 10-inch front and 19 x 12-inch rear HRE wheels with black inserts
One-off widebody kit
Secret Agent setup includes: smoke screen, oil slick, flame thrower and night vision
Full audio and visual system

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