One interesting bit of technology incorporated into the new Mazda MX-5 is a Digital Service Record system that allows your Mazda mechanic to maintain a complete service history of your car in a digital database. This article is somewhat sparse on details but seems to imply this feature will only work with DSR-capable mechanics, presumably ones found in Mazda's own dealerships. The technology has been introduced in the U.K., though there's no word on whether dealerships in North America will also have this capability.

While its effectiveness depends on using the same mechanic for every repair, one major benefit over the old service booklet system is that a complete detailed service history can be printed out when it comes time to sell your MX-5. I?ve always employed an analog solution in which I keep a file folder of each repair receipt for my vehicles. The DSR system seems like a good idea while your Mazda?s still under warranty, after which, however, the hunt for less expensive service usually begins.
[Thanks to kbinnie for the tip]

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