While most of our readers probably own vehicles equipped with rack-and-pinion steering (oh, aren't you guys just oh-so-modern?), those of us stuck with 1970's steering technology are still interested in evolving past that era's 18:1 - or greater - steering ratios. Flaming River offers a variety of quicker-ratio Saginaw steering boxes that'll fit many GM and Chrysler/AMC applications from the last thirty years. Popular Hot Rodding bolted one into their "Project g/28" 2nd-gen Camaro and really liked it. I can say that faster-ratio boxes can make a huge difference in a car's personality, as my Impala SS came from the factory with a 12:1 steering box (not as fast at it may sound, given the car's wheelbase) and it steers much differently than a friend's Impala clone that started life as a Caprice with a 14.5:1 box. The price tag is a bit steep at $490, but scrounging around a junkyard for the right box and then getting the questionable unit rebuilt involves a lot of time and money as well.

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