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According to buyer study commissioned by Chevrolet, nearly 30 percent of buyers intend to modify their Cobalt SS. So, GM is jumping in with both feet to encourage the trend.

Two new Cobalt SS one-offs will be on display at SEMA, as well as a version pimped out to the gills with GMA accessories. The Cobalt SS Wide Body sports a wider track, wheel flares, rocker extensions and extended fascias (above). The Cobalt SS Coupe Open Air features a Webasto five-panel, electronically-operated glass roof that opens up over a unique interior with leather upper instrument panel, door trim and steering wheel, as well as body-color bezels and instrument panel trim (below). More after the jump.
Chevy Cobalt SS Coupe Open Air

Chevy Cobalt SS Wide Body
Chevy Cobalt SS Coupe Open Air
Chevy Cobalt GMA Accessorized230" hspace="1" vspace="4" width="450" />
Chevy Cobalt GMA Accessorized

[Chevy Cobalt GMA Accessorized]

[Source: GM]

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