The Chrysler Group announced last Friday that it will be recalling more than 100,000 of its 1995 MY Jeep Grand Cherokee because water contamination of the transmission fluid could result in fires under the hood. The domino effect on this one is lengthy, but basically condensed water from the air conditioner could drip down into the case that holds the transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid becomes contaminated it could lead to shaking in the transmission. If not corrected, the transmission will begin running at hotter temperatures and possibly boil the water in the transmission fluid, thus ejecting some of the fluid. If that fluid hit a hot part of the exhaust system it could ignite a fire.
Only four reports of fires have been made, all of which involved models in use by Dollar Rent a Car. Owners of possibly affected vehicles will be notified by the end of October, but if your Cherokee's shaking you should immediately have the problem checked out to determine if this issue is at fault.

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