U.K.-based Vital Engineering has one of the coolest automotive diagnostic packages out there - a plug-in OBD-II Bluetooth transmitter, and the "VitalScan" diagnostic software package for your laptop PC, PocketPC, or Palm handheld. Its PC and handheld products have been out for a while, but this week they launched a beta release of VitalScan for Windows Mobile Smartphones (see screenshot at right).
The software displays live diagnostic sensor data, reads (and clears) diagnostic trouble codes, clears the "check engine" light, includes a 0 to 100 km/h performance timer, records sensor data, and as they say on TV, "much, much more!" The Smartphone version also supports sending OBD data to a remote user.

Seriously, this is a nice piece of kit, as they say in the U.K. Priced at about $355 for the Bluetooth OBD plug-in transmitter and PC/PocketPC/Palm/WIn Mobile Smartphone software.

[via Carhacks.org]

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