Yes, DANGER. Because once you drive one, or so I hear, the rest of the cars you drive throughout your life will be a disappointment. It's like the forbidden fruit of the automobile industry. Once you take a bite, it's over.

But don't let that stop you — if you've got $4,500 to blow, that is. Scottsdale, Arizona-based Van Horssen Group is launching a club for folks who like the finer cars in life, entitling them to time share a pool of 30 exotic cars totaling out at $7.5 million.

Actually, for those who can afford it, it's not such a bad idea. Ride your own Lambo hard, and you pay the consequences — literally. But become part of this club, and not only can you trade in that Lambo for a Bentley Flying Spur or a Ferrari Maranello, but you aren't fussed with the more mundane things, such as storage and upkeep.

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