Biodiesel might cost $1 more than other petroleum products, but a government subsidy makes the price competitive, and we might just be looking at a future where this product becomes cheaper.

Typically, biodiesel is created by "sloshing" diesel fuel and soybean additives together in tanker trucks, requiring consumers of the fuel to buy and store additives. Not anymore, though — a Middletown, Pa.-based facility, Independence Biofuels, is up and running to blend the biodiesel on-site and ready to go by the time it reaches the pump, making biodiesel much more efficient. Time is money, and if folks don't have to jump through hoops to use biodiesel such as buying, storing and sloshing the additives, the fuel may see a jump in use.

At this point, biodiesel is credited for burning cleaner and more efficiently, but it's only widely used for commercial and government purposes.

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