For those that wonder why there's a MAZDASPEED version of a midsize four-door sedan but not of the company's premier sports car, well, you might be one step closer to wondering no more. Reader Joel A. sent us a link to, where there's a tiny picture of a seriously evil-looking RX-8 and a bit of information from Mazda concerning the not-yet-unveiled concept. Most interesting is word that it's supercharged, not turbocharged like previous hot-rod RX-7s. This is said to be due to the port design of the RENESIS rotary. Being a reciprocating fan myself and admittedly I don't understand engines without camshafts, I can't attest to this claim, so I'll inclined to believe the guys who designed it. At this point, there unfortunately appears to be no concrete plans to bring it to production, but maybe begging and pleading will help.

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