The $64B Iraqi oil-for-food humanitarian program was long-rumored to be a conduit for corruption, but one wouldn't necessarily expect this story to have ties to the automotive world. However, the recently-released report exposed approximately 2,200 companies who were involved in the shameful affair, including a few names familiar to car guys - DCX, Volvo, and Daewoo among them. Numerous oil companies were also named in the report, which, um, probably isn't a big shock. Those looking to buy oil or sell goods into Iraq apparently did so through a series of kickbacks, such as the $7,000 surcharge given by DCX back to the Iraqis after the purchase of an armored van. That's money that, instead of going for food or medical supplies, probably instead got used to buy a gold-plated AK-47. Thanks to reader djSyndrome for the tip.

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